Through our Club programs, Youth for Christ Columbus impacts over 4,000 kids in 25 different schools throughout the year.

We use positive youth development principles to teach these kids life lessons that will bring about a positive heart change physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

We aim to reach every kid in every circumstance weekly during our club groups, quarterly during our purity weekends and lock-ins, and annually during our Godfest concert and school assemblies.

Each group is tailored to meet the different needs of today's youth. We collaborate with area schools, churches, clubs and businesses to better serve our youth. Please check out our different programs located on the sidebar to see what we can offer a youth you may be thinking of.

Club is a chance for kids to get to together with other kids in a big group setting to play games and talk about relevant topics that affect their lives daily.

These Club meetings are run by YFC staff members who incorporate a variety of teaching methods; including speakers, video clips, games, and static demonstrations to reach our youth.

*A signed permission slip by the students guardian is required for all students attending Club. This ensures we have parent/guardian permission and emergency contact information.  Click on the following buttons to download a permssion slip.    
English Permission Slip          Spanish Permission Slip