Group for Adolescents Providing Support (G.A.P.S)

  • Estimated 25% of all children in the US (about 27.8 million) are effected by or exposed to a family alcohol problem.
  • Younger youth were more likely than older youth to report talking with a parent about the dangers of substance use: 61.6% of those aged 12 or 13, 59.5% of those aged 14 or 15, and 57.1% of those aged 16 or 17 had such talks.

What is G.A.P.S.?

G.A.P.S. is a group of kids just like you who are needing a safe, confidential place to work out the various things in their life that have led them to get involved with drugs, alcohol, and other unsafe behaviors.
G.A.P.S. provides a positive environment to support teens (13-19 years old) addressing substance related issues.

Meetings are adult mediated with prevention education and open discussion on addiction, relationships, problems solving, and decision making.

Meetings held every Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm at YFC office (2809 13th Street) for ages 13-19.

How do I get involved?

Please contact YFC office for details on how to become an adult mentor (402-564-3700)

The Leadership Team Is a Collaborative Effort by the following:

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