Anger Management

Consequences from choices can impact a life forever...

Free Anger Management Classes offered by Youth for Christ Columbus, Inc.

  • An education model, not a therapy session.
  • For adolescents 11 – 19 years of age (Grouped appropriately)
  • Open-ended.  (10-Week Course repeats until all participants have completed each session—students may enter at any time during cycle as room allows—class size maximum of 10).
  • Classes held at various locations
  • Class times vary according to needs, age, and convenience
  • Presented under YFC’s Program of Positive Youth Principles, not faith based.
  • Especially designed for adolescents with hands-on-curriculum.

Objectives of the Ten Sessions:

  1. To identify when anger goes from being a normal emotion to a problem, exploring how anger affect their lives and the lives of those around them.
  2. To identify when stress is the trigger that takes an adolescent from feeling peaceful to experiencing uncomfortable angry feelings in life situations, exploring stress management strategies before response is anger or aggression.
  3. To identify situations in which youth feel conflicted, developing awareness of the triggers that set off anger, giving an understanding of the “respond instead of react” concept.
  4. To identify situations in which youth feel conflicted, developing an awareness of the triggers of their anger especially in frustrating situations.
  5. To equip youth to identify the masks they may be wearing or the script they are living, developing the skills to “be real” and change any script that has been assigned to them by external factors or by society while empowering them to rewrite positive and healthy life scripts.
  6. To develop awareness of their inner conversations (self-talk) which create, decrease, or intensify their feelings and emotional states, including anger, while learning to recognize and modify that conversation.
  7. To develop awareness that anger is often the result of grudges, and an understanding of resentment and its damage to self while gaining tools to control anger.
  8. To develop the ability to relate to others as equals, neither elevating themselves above others nor accepting a position of inferiority.
  9. To help students create a set of skills that will enable them to honestly and effectively communicate how they feel without anger or hostility, gaining verbal and non-verbal communication and listening skills.
  10. To develop awareness that anger is often triggered by a discrepancy between expectations and reality, gaining coping skills to adjust expectations.


“…many students who have poor coping skills do not know how to deal with anger.  The curriculum used by Youth for Christ is very good at educating adolescents to recognize things that are triggers for their anger.  It’s offered in language they understand.”

Nancy Baker

Former Social Worker



All participants must have parental/guardian permission in writing.  Permission slips available at school guidance offices, school interventionists, the YFC Office or click here.  Call Youth for Christ Columbus, Inc. at 402-564-3700 or stop at office at 2809 13thStreet, Columbus, Nebraska.