O.S.S. - English

Growing up today can be full of adventure, but it can also be full of difficulties.  The possibilities of making wrong decisions can be endless.  At the same time it’s also possible for teenagers to make a genuine difference.  At Youth for Christ, we see potential in every teenager.  Our faith-based programs, Teen Moms, Young Dads, Campus Life, Youth Guidance and Out-of-School Suspension program are designed to make a positive impact on youth so that they make right decisions and have a positive future.  We invest our time, energy and resources into teenagers because we believe each one was created with value and worth, and we believe that God wants every one of their lives to count.


As a parent, you want what’s best for your child…

Unfortunately, our kids make mistakes…we all do, but sometimes these mistakes mean our child is no longer able to be at school, whether it’s for a day or two or expelled for the rest of the year. 

Youth for Christ feels your pain….

We have been working with Middle School and High School kids for over 12 years, so we understand that they make poor choices sometimes.   Some kids come to us in trouble needing help and some are just looking for a cool place to hang out.  We started the Out-of-School Suspension Program in 2005 to give students and parents an alternative.  We have the staff, experience and facility to help you - help your child.

We are able to provide a place for your child…

Our facility is designed with kids in mind.  We host many activities throughout the week, but we reserve the hours of 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday through Friday for our OSS students.

You must have a referral from school administration to be permitted in Youth for Christ’s Out-of-School Suspension Program.  A parent or guardian must sign-in the student on the first day to register him/her.  We will also go over our guidelines and expectations for the student at that time.

We can help your child to keep up with school work while on suspension…

We will work closely with the school to accommodate the scholastic needs of your child.  We have tutors available for students assigned book work and computers available for those students who do their studies on-line using Odyssey Ware.

We strive to meet our goals that...

  • Participating OSS Students will return to school with completed assignments.
  • Participating OSS students will demonstrate an ownership of their mistakes and consequences for the suspension upon their return to the school.
  • Participating OSS students in the last quarter of their senior year will graduate with their class.


Student permission slips may be downloaded from our website or click here.  This permission slip covers all of our activities and programs.  Every OSS Student must have a signed parent permission slip to participate.