Purity Weekends are held twice a year; once in October and once in February.


Sex is everywhere. Our goal is to show young girls they are worth waiting for... that they are like a fine china cup to be admired and placed on a pedestal.   We give the girls many examples of why they should wait for marriage.  We talk about the importance of setting boundaries and what it takes to have a strong foundation based on trust and respect. The girls also make collages representing their goals for the future. Although the night has a very serious message, the girls can let loose and have fun during our scavenger hunt. They flood the town of Columbus trying to find odds and ends from a pre-made list.


Sex is everywhere. Our goal is to teach boys what it means to respect women. During the night the boy's hear different messages on the difference between lust and love. The Boys also have a chance to hang out with friends, play video games, watch movies, and participate in a supervised scavenger hunt throughout the town of Columbus. The YFC staff provides a safe and relaxed environment for the boys to talk about relationships with girls and how they feel about love.