The Youth for Christ Teen Parents program uses a motivational approach to parenting education. Baby Bucks are paid to participants of classes. A special store on site is provided only to those participating teen parents to purchase diapers, baby clothes, cribs, strollers, or other baby necessities using their earned Baby Bucks. The program targets moms ages 13-19(20-21 year olds may attend classes or view videos, but are not eligible for baby bucks).


From changing dirty diapers, to hearing your little one's first giggle, motherhood is full of adventures.  Learning how to nurture your baby and be a wonderful mother to your child is an ongoing learning experience.  The Teen Parents Program will supply you with the knowledge of how to care for you new little bundle plus be there for constant support with any questions you may have along the way. 

We offer relationship/parenting classes at the YFC office every first and third Thursday of the month. Teen mom luncheons are held at Columbus High School on Tuesdays, Schuyler on Wednesdays, and at Lakeview High School as needed during the school year. An Earn While You Learn educational video series on parenting for teen parents of children from conception to age 5 is available for teen moms/young dads to view at the office.


You have to take classes to learn how to weld.

You had to take drivers education and pass a test to drive.

You had to take swimming lessons to learn to swim.

You have to practice to make the basketball team.

You love things that you do well!

Doesn't your child deserve a father that learns and practices and loves to be a good father?

Teen Parents is a program for the young father of a baby born to a teenage mother. The impact of the birth of a baby to a teenager is felt by the teen mom, but also the father of the baby. That young man's life is changed forever. Whether he is 15 or 22, he is a father and has responsibilities to the child, even if the relationship with the mother has ended.

This program believes every young father needs to know that he and his child were created with value and worth, and that God wants his life to count.

Relationship classes and parenting classes are available free to any young dad. Additionally, Earn While You Learn sessions to earn diapers and other items necessary for babies are available to young dads ages 15-19.


Every first and third Thursday of the month, 5:30 - 6:30 pm at YFC office.

Call ahead to set up an Earn While You Learn appointment with YFC staff (402.564.3700)