The cost of being a parent can be hard to deal with.  Our Earn While you Learn program is meant to help out teen parents who need supplies for their children, but can't necessarily afford it.  If you are between the ages of 13-19 and signed up for our Teen Parents program, you can start to earn what we call "Baby Bucks".  This 'money' is only good at our YFCC location and can be used to purchase various items that you may need for your baby.  Our store contains diapers, formula, baby clothes, car seats, cribs, among SEVERAL other things. All of these products are in excellent shape and are supplied by very generous donors to Youth for Christ.  All you have to do is attend Teen Parent's program every first and third Thursday of each month.  Or you can always come in to watch parenting videos or speak to a mentor.  We also come and meet you moms at the school.  During lunch you can come to talk to us about questions you have about your little one and about just anything else and to bond with other teen moms!  Each time you attend any Teen Parents event, you earn $5 worth of Baby Bucks that can be used on these awesome baby necessities.  Items have varying prices, but a package of diapers is $10 baby bucks.  Remember: it is totally FREE to the parents and the baby! 

One side of the store with lots of clothes for both boys and girls among other items.  Most of these clothes are brand new!


The other side is diapers of most any size/brand, formula, baby toys, strollers, high chairs etc.